Sensual Photography can be very diverse. The definition of Boudoir is "a woman's bedroom or private room.". Boudoir Photographs are intimate images that might be captured in a woman's boudoir. [Lingerie or satin sheets]
Sensual Photography is a little broader term including a more diverse and often artistic form of photography. When thinking about your photography session we encourage you to think about some less traditional sensual images.
Traditional Boudoir Photography may be exactly what you desire and we can create beautiful traditional boudoir photographs for you. You may however be looking for something a little less traditional. Please look through the galleries on this page. The galleries include a wide range of styles from traditional to artistic and playful. Let your photographs represent "Your Style".

We always include a consultation with every photography session. This consultation can be done on a separate day a week or two before your photography session or on the same day prior to starting your session.
The panels you see on this page are used during that consultation to help get a feel for the style of photography you prefer and the level of intimacy you desire.
Each panel represents a different style and the letters represent the level of intimacy you would like for your portraits.
It's much easier for a photography subject to say "I like that" than to try and describe what they are looking for in their photography.

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Boudoir, Glamour, Pinup, Sensual, Intimate, Sexy and Figure photography are some of the descriptions used to describe the artful celebration of women with photographs.

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